Books or Indexes of History
World War I: 119th Machine Gun Battalion
Phillips Centennial Book Index
Section 1

Introduction pg 1-7
Mayors pg 8-9
City and County Government pg 10-17
From Ashes to Industry pg 18-25
Fire Survivors pg 25-49

Section 2

Businesses of Years Gone By pg 50-62
Logging and Lumbering pg 63-78
Dear Hearts .... and Gentle People pg 79-89
Pioneer Homes pg 90-92
Children of Our Early Days ... Beaus and Belles ... Fun Parties pg 93-100

Section 3

Celebrations pg 101-102
Churches pg 103-110
Education pg 111-127
Sports pg 127-130
Transportation pg 131-133
Early Scenes pg 134-138
The Dams pg 139-142
Agriculture pg 142-147
Newspapers pg 147-150

Section 4

Organizations pg 151-153
Diamond Jubilee pg 154
Businesses pg 155-160
Military pg 161-169
Maternity Homes pg 170-171
Medical pg 172-174
Rest Homes pg 175-177
Special Phillipsonians pg 178-187
Lugerville pg 188-195
Heading North on Highway 13 pg 196-197
Special Recognition pg 199 - back fly

A Glimpse at the Early History of the State of Wisconsin Relating to Price County, by FW Sackett
Bibliography of Price County History, compiled and edited by G. Brazelton
Price County At Large
Family Histories
World War I: 119th Machine Gun Battalion
Timeline of Price County