Student lists have been compiled from various school reports, teacher records and programs. The record may include the student's age, grade and birthdate, as well as the teacher's name. This listing is by no means complete! While there are teacher records with student names, the school name, school district and teacher are not noted. Most likely these are from southern Price County, but since it is not possible to be sure, those student lists are omitted. at this time.
Where "BK" is indicated in the Prentice High School Office records, this indicates a totally arbitrary means of keeping the books somewhat identifiable.
Progam lists, teacher lists, commencement lists are noted in the Holder file.
The Holder is the physical site the records are being held at.

Selecting the Holder in the left column will bring up a .pdf file of the records being held at that site. Selecting the corresponding 'list' in the right column will bring up a [ususally pretty large] file that has all the names that are associated with the Holder on the left. Be patient. Use your browser's 'find' option to search.


Rural School Record Lists
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list [incomplete] teacher records

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