Published by Fred’k C. Bogk Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Indexed by Karen Peterson Baumgartner Price County Genealogical Society © 2003

NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS Names are often spelled phonetically (Svtbeer for the current Soetebeer. Cork, Kork, and Cook may all be the same family). Diacritical marks are not recorded. A few were used in the Town of Emery.

Numerous abbreviations are used for the same logging or lumber company. (Is N-W Lumber Company the same as Northwestern Lumber Company?)

The Sawmill at Phillips is not noted on the Plat Map. Phillips Lumber Co. and the

J. R. Davis lands are listed. [Phillips Lumber Co. was reorganized as J.R. Davis Lumber Co. in 1888 according to George Forrester in The Historical and Biographical Album of Chippewa Valley Wisconsin published in 1891-92]. Was this Plat Map made during the year John R. Davis was re-building the sawmill after the July 1894 Phillips fire?]

Two cemeteries are noted. The cemetery in the present Town of Georgetown has been abandoned (Sec. 3, Township 36, Range 1W). Name(s) of the interred is/are unknown. Oral history is of Cork family burial(s).

Wisconsin Central Railroad lands are not indexed. If an odd numbered section seems to be “missed”, assume Wisconsin Central Railroad Company is the landholder. The federal government granted WCRR odd numbered sections throughout Price County. is entered with the first name as it fit the space better.

Numerous parcels of land were not attributed to a landowner.

Fredrick Weyerhaeuser and other lumbermen with sawmills on the Mississippi River controlled the assets of the Mississippi River Logging Company. [Gates, Paul; Wisconsin Pine Lands of Cornell University; 1943]

H. W. Sage was an agent for Cornell University [Gates, Paul; Wisconsin Pine Lands of Cornell University, 1943]

The Plat Book has blank pages between map pages. It appears that the book from which this copy was taken, was used by an insurance salesperson. He/she wrote the number [policy?], expiration date, name, address, insured value of property and section of residence on the blank page after map.