The following indexes were compiled by the Price County Genealogical Society. Many hours are spent in the pursuit of accuracy. But as with many endeavors, we can not guarantee the information to be error-free. If you are aware of any mis-information, please contact us.

Rural Schools of Price County Taken primarily from County School Recollections volumn I and
volumn II. These books are available at Price County Public Libraries, and the Prentice High School Library.
Congregations of Price County Compiled through some local history accounts, as well as direct contact with the congregations.
Doctors of Price County Taken from accounts in the Phillips Centennial book, and other local history accounts.
Photographers of Price County Compiled from local history accounts
The Sesquicentennial Farm and Home Award is a partnership between the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and Wisconsin State Fair.

The Century Farm and Home program originated as part of the Wisconsin Centennial Celebration, a 23-day Wisconsin State Fair, which also gave birth to the Alice in Dairyland program.
A guide to previously published material in WSGS newsletters County Pages, Price County, 1969-2005