Price County Cemetery Index and Maps

Members of the Price County Genealogical Society who worked on this project transcribing the tombstones have gained more than a Cemetery Index for research in their family history quest. The opportunity to walk the 21 cemeteries of Price County and record information has been an occasion to recall the history of our county, remember those who settled the wilderness, built the towns, and served in government and commerce.
No project of this magnitude is error free. Your input is welcome to make this a more complete and accurate index. Please contact the Price County Genealogical Society.
The Price County Genealogical Society extends heartfelt thanks to the Anne Marie Foundation for major funding of this index. The encouragement and support received helped make this venture possible.
Special thanks to Jaye Rogers, Linda Loula and Linda Windmoeller, whose vision of tombstone transcriptions of the Phillips Cemeteries has grown countywide. Individual thanks to Pat Foytik for data entry; to the Carmen Esthimer family and Susanne, Jennifer & Brittany Nelson who shared their tombstone transcriptions for this index; to Hilda Peterson, Ilmi Nelson, Agnes Wudel, George Swanson, Elaine Vanderhoof, Terry Dunbar, Marcella Braski, Toni Palmquist, Bill Heindl, and Lee Lamoreaux, the town clerks, cemetery sextons and record keepers for their valuable information; to Don Mockler cartographer and data processor; and to the Phillips Public Library for producing a sample copy of this index.
Members of the Price County Genealogical Society who joined to produce this cemetery index are (alphabetically) Karen Baumgartner, Jean Bolton, June Dobbe, Peggy Edinger, June French, Linda Loula, Ursala Grapa, Alice Nelson, Don Mockler, Debbie Osborn, Jaye Rogers, Bonnie Welch, Linda Windmoeller, and Madeline Wolleman.
Catawba Cemetery Association (Protestant) and Saint Paul the Apostle (Roman Catholic)
Section 7, Township 35 N, Range 1 W.
Nola Cemetery also known as Park Falls Cemetery
Section 25, Township 40 N, Range 1 W.
Saint Patrick’s Cemetery also known as Phillips Catholic Cemetery
Section 18, Township 37 N, Range 1 E.
Town of Emery Cemetery
Section 25, Township 37 N, Range 2 E.
Forest Home Cemetery
Section 7, Township 39 N, Range 1 E.
Town of Hackett Cemetery
Section 13, Township 36 N, Range 1 E.
Town of Harmony Cemetery also known as Harmony Presbyterian
Section 9, Township 36 N, Range 1 W.
Garden of Memory also known as Hill Cemetery and Swedish Cemetery
Section 24, Township 34 N, Range 2 E.
Levitt Creek also known as Leavit/Leavitt Creek Cemetery and Finnish Cemetery
Section 32, Township 34 N, Range 2 E.
Kennan Cemetery
Section 11, Township 35 N, Range 2 W.
Clifford Finnish Cemetery
Section 36, Township 36 N, Range 3 E.
Clifford Public Cemetery
Section 1, Township 35 N, Range 3 E.
Knox Lutheran Cemetery also known as Nathanel Scandinvisk Church Cemetery
Section 22, Township 35 N, Range 3 E.
Knox Town Cemetery also known as Knox Mills Cemetery
Section 21, Township 35 N, Range 3 E.
Saint Mary’s Brantwood also known as Mount Mariah Cemetery and Kuusisto Maki Cemetery
Section 4, Township 35 N, Range 3 E.
Hillside Cemetery
Section 12, Township 34 N, Range 1 E.
Nola Cemetery
Section  25, Township/Tier  40 N, Range  1 W.

Prentice Cemetery
Section 7, Township 35 N, Range 2 E.
Hillcrest Cemetery also known as East Cemetery and Brannan Cemetery
Section 3, Township 34 N, Range 3 E.
Lakeside I Cemetery also known as Old Phillips Cemetery, Lakeview or Worcester Cemetery
Section 7, Township 37 N, Range 1 E.
Lakeside II also known as New Cemetery and Second Cemetery
Section 7, Township 37 N, Range 1 E.
Two Lakes Cemetery also known as Lakeside Cemetery
Section 7, Township 37 N, Range 1 E.